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General Teaching Testimonials

Performance Anxiety Coaching

* names omitted to respect privacy


N. W.:
I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me in our lessons. I used to be so terrified and embarrassed to sing by myself in front of others and that last recital we did, I could barely tell that I was nervous. You really helped me with my singing goals and I'm singing all over the place now no matter who's around and it's so much fun. I've cried after listening to myself in the recital, I never thought I could sound that good and confident. It was still a little shaky but for the most part no one could tell!  Again, thank you so much!

I always wanted to sing, but was overcome by fear and paralysis. It was so bad that I couldn't even join in singing Happy Birthday to friends and family members at parties. Finally, I found the courage to try some voice lessons, hoping I'd be able to unlock some confidence to use my voice. Amber Nicole helped me do exactly that, and after a few months of weekly lessons I performed at her studio recital and sang an entire song IN SPANISH. She is upbeat and fun, accepting and sensitive, and she created an environment for me in our lessons where I felt safe to try my voice. I am so thankful to Amber Nicole for that gift, and it has carried over into other areas of my life. I'm expressing myself more freely, in general! THANK YOU.

B. S.:
Thank you, and I hope you understand how much of my accomplishments are due to you. I’m a firm believer in the old saying “when you are ready, the correct teacher will appear,” and am so grateful that occasionally I am aware enough to realize when that happens.  Your greatest gift was helping me develop enough confidence to try.

When I came to Amber Nicole I had very little confidence in my abilities as a singer and a performer. This stemmed mainly from the fear of performing in front of my peers.  But, through working with Amber Nicole, she not only helped me improve my vocal skills but made it a focus to take “baby steps” when performing in front of others. With her guidance, I now never pass up the opportunity for an audition and have the confidence to give each one my very best.

Thanks again for helping me along on a path of recovery and cultivation of my voice. Having kind people and enlightening experiences during difficult times only helped make the outcome after the rebuilding process that much easier to jump into.


The biggest obstacle holding my daughter back was herself. Recognizing this, Amber Nicole helped my daughter work through her stress and anxiety with many coping techniques and positive reinforcement.  Her guidance gave my daughter the confidence and ability to perform and audition with success.   Amber Nicole’s ability to bring out my daughter's voice is amazing.  She helped my daughter find her true voice to perform her best on stage and in life.  

We can not thank you enough for the support you have been providing her.  The confidence that our daughter gains from performing is wonderful to see.  Every child needs to feel they are successful and she walked away from that thinking she could conquer the world.