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Welcome to the Online Studio!

I love that students both far and near can join me in this adventure!  Whether you are a "local" and facing unsafe driving conditions or unexpected transportation issues, or a friend from afar, having your lesson or coaching session online can open up a lot of possibilities.

We use both of these platforms:
#1. Google Hangouts
(my username: Amber Nicole Dilger)
#2. Skype
(my username: ambernicoledilger)

The key is to let me know ahead of time where you'll show up so that I can be waiting for you.  We generally start with Skype and use Hangouts as a backup.  You are welcome to connect with me at your lesson time.

When making your reservation on the online calendar, make sure to enter your time zone so the correct openings will appear.

Please remember:
•Test your video and audio before our lesson
     (you might need to run updates, which might require a restart)  
•Make sure you have room to stand and move while singing
•Make sure there are no bright lights or windows behind you
•Have all sheet music, books, pencils, and audio tracks ready to go
•Make sure the camera can see your hands, if playing piano

If you need more help with setting up the software, check out Hangouts Help and Skype Help.  It's always a good idea to have both open in case we need a backup choice.

Keep in mind, if you are using your phone for our video connection you'll not be able to play your rehearsal tracks from your phone simultaneously.  It often helps to have a computer or other device accessible that you can use to play audio.  If you normally use your phone when practicing, it might be easiest to use Skype/Hangouts on the computer.

To find out more about online group classes, please visit our Songflight Studio page.

Karen Buscemi:
The video lessons allowed our daughter to maintain consistency in her training with Amber Nicole. They were a wonderful option for our family. We do not live close, and when schedules got tight or inclement weather occurred, video lessons proved to be extremely useful. We also used it when my daughter wasn't feeling well. It is also a nice option if you have to travel out of town during a regularly scheduled lesson time.

Mary Leising:
My daughter (14 years old) has been taking voice lessons from Amber Nicole Dilger for about a year. Amber Nicole is exceptional at pinpointing barriers to producing the desired sound as well as giving positive feedback. She advances theoretical knowledge, as well as vocal technique and character development. Every experience is a positive learning opportunity and I love how Amber will ask my daughter to reflect on a performance she watched as well as ones she performed in. Amber Nicole is very organized and provides a written summary of each lesson which includes what the student is working on. If there is a situation where we can't make it to the studio, Amber Nicole has an option for doing lessons remotely. She also helps her students emotionally prepare for performances and works on conquering anxiety.    Google, 5 Star Review