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Studio Recital
May 2018

Congratulations to all of our performers for sharing their love of music with everyone at our culminating recital of the academic year:
Tess Kuenzi, Olivia Dregne, Kayley Hellenbrand, Beatrix Pauli, Brianna Davis, Torii Snortum Haney, Lily Fellenz, Ellie Thayer, Robyn Perrin, Mario Mondaca, Tilda Lund, Elena Paul, Olivia Foght, Bella Cayo, Max Boyd, James Blum, Karra Howles, Norah Al-Amoodi, MacKenzie Stearns, Taylor Hause, Clio Maya-Johnson, Molly Torinus, Saffryn Beck, and Olivia Knox.

Also a big thank you to our accompanist, Mark Wurzelbacher.