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Online Studio Information

Voice and singing lessons available in the private studio in
Madison, Wisconsin.
Performance anxiety coaching also available through the
online studio.

The Studio's Official Definition...
adjective [ˈpər-fikt]
1. Staying in the present moment no matter what occurs.
ex. "Wow! That was a perfect performance!"

2. (other definitions just cause unhelpful stress)

"Amber Nicole is an amazing teacher. My daughter and I both took lessons from her, and she's made the experience so much fun. She is very warm, enthusiastic and genuine, and her lessons seem to be completely tailored to best suit each individual person's strengths, interests and challenges. She spends time staying on top of neuroscience to help understand how the brain works and interprets information in a musical capacity, which I thought was pretty awesome! When I'm not "getting" something she's quick to "diagnose" the situation and explain how my brain is playing a role and what I can do to overcome the issue. I feel like her knowledge and interest has given me such a valuable experience, and I was surprised to see the progress I made in a relatively short amount of time. She's always quick to reply to questions between lessons with thoughtful answers, suggestions and tips. I think Amber Nicole goes above and beyond to give her students a fantastic musical experience and is really invested in the growth and progression of her students."
- testimonial from Jessica Riphenburg

Do you need voice lessons to be able to sing?

Absolutely Not.  And don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise… if you sing with love, anyone who has an open heart will appreciate your gift.

There might come a time, though, when you think you’d like to sing
a little easier,
a little higher,
or lower,
or have more control over your pitch.
To sing so others can feel what you’re feeling inside.

This is where singing/voice lessons, as well as coaching to help overcome performance anxiety, can help.

The voice is a complex instrument with a lot of moving parts and when you throw in your thoughts on top of everything else, there’s a lot to deal with.

By learning how all of the parts of your voice work, as well as learning how good habits are formed and how to manage the thoughts our mind contributes (nervousness/perfectionism/self-doubt, to name a few), you can gain control over your singing and performance.  Incorporating the exciting discoveries of the science of learning will help you improve in both singing and life in general.

Your voice is an instrument and like any instrument, by understanding its components you can learn to sing any style of music with a healthy technique, including: musical theatre belt, opera, pop, jazz, folk, metal (yep, “cookie monster" voice”).  A free and flexible larynx is important in any genre!

If you sincerely want to work on improving your voice, whether that means polishing songs for an upcoming performance or being able to proudly sing “Happy Birthday” to those you love... let’s get started.

Start here by filling out the short application: Student Application

At the moment I have openings for new voice students in my music studio, which is located on the north side of Madison, south of Warner Park and north of Maple Bluff.  I also have availability for performance anxiety coaching via my online studio.  

And as a special note: If you're a person who thinks "I can't sing," I'd love to help you discover the  joy of making music with your voice.  If you have a normal speaking voice, we can get you singing!


Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habit.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

~ Lao Tzu

~May we all have the courage and freedom to be true to our hearts.~

Questions?  Email me at