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Welcome to the scheduling page! New Student Applications (link is in the calendar below) are currently being accepted for voice lessons, performance anxiety coaching, and online classes.

Interested in signing up for private lessons for the 2019-20 school year? Core Students get discounted tuition (saving 15% off of the regular private lesson cost), and the unique opportunity to have a flexible way to schedule weekly lessons. Registration will begin Monday August 5th. Private Lessons begin Tuesday, September 3rd.

-By signing up for the full school year, you get a set number of credits each semester that you can choose to schedule as you wish. Lessons are scheduled Tuesdays-Saturdays, and the most consistent times for weekly lessons are Tuesday-Thursday afternoons. There are fewer Friday/Saturday lessons because of conferences, performances, and auditions that we attend for the studio. It is still possible to have your regular lesson time on those days, you'll just have a few more extra lessons you get to schedule to other times.

-You will send me your top three preferred days/times for weekly lessons, along with the dates you know you'll be gone. I'll schedule your weekly lessons minus those dates, and you'll have the left-over credits to schedule as you choose. Saturdays are a great option for getting in those extra lessons.

-Please note, once a lesson is on the calendar it can't be re-scheduled. Be mindful with your scheduling!

-Core Student credits do carry over to second semester, but will expire at the end of the school year.

-Tuition includes 4 half-hour credits for January Term online classes with any Songflight Studio teachers and topics of your choice, as well as the Practice Prep online class required at the beginning of each school year.

-The school year tuition is not pro-rated, but scheduling your credits is flexible, so you can make up for time you missed if you are starting later in the semester.

-Monthly invoicing is available. 10 payments: $119 for half-hour lessons, $220 for hour-long lessons

-Please send me an email if you're interested: a@ambernicoledilger.com

As always, let me know if you have questions... I am happy to help!

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