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Welcome to the scheduling page! New Student Applications are currently being accepted for voice lessons, performance anxiety coaching, and online summer classes.

Our summer session will run from June 10th through August 17th. I'm very excited to be doing lots of new things with the Summer Flex schedule, including a sampler of online mini-classes! (Please scroll down for the summer mini-class schedule.)

As always, let me know if you have questions... I am happy to help!



2:30pm Under 7: Fun With Music Online This class is designed to introduce the magic of music-making and learning online to students between 5-7 years old.

3:00pm Intro to Songwriting This was the most requested class topic from our spring recital. Learn how to get a song started, including writing it down on paper or online.

3:30pm Music Theory: FUNdamentals You will discover a lot of magical WHY answers when you pull back the curtain on music theory. Join us as we learn how understanding the secrets of music theory can help us be better at performing.

4:00pm Intro to Vocal Health We will look at the latest science and learn what we can do to keep our voices healthy, as well as what to do to help our voices when we get sick.

4:30pm Practice SMARTER, not harder There has been a lot of research done into how we learn. Why not use science to help us get better results in less practice time?

5:00pm Creating Your Practice Space We will tweak your practice space so you feel comfortable to make whatever kinds of sounds you want. Messy sounds, loud sounds, beautiful sounds-- they should all feel comfortable to come out and play!

6:30pm Intro to Vocal Anatomy Join us as we dive inside of our vocal instrument and learn how many parts of our body work together to allow us to make beautiful sounds.

7:00pm Intro to Acting Your Song Raise your performance from that was nice to WOW! by learning how to fully tell the story. Learn a useful progression for practicing to add in all of the necessary layers to stand out from the crowd.

7:30pm Intro to Improv Thinking Learn some useful tips and tricks from the world of acting improvisation to help in performance situations when things do not go as expected.

8:00pm Performance Anxiety: tips & tricks Learn research-proven ways to help you feel more in control and less anxious while performing.