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Photo Archives 2006-2011

Gift of Music March 2012

Studio Recital June 2012

Gift of Music October 2012

Gift of Music December 2012

Gift of Music March 2013

Studio Recital June 2013

Gift of Music October 2013

Gift of Music December 2013

Gift of Music March 2014

Studio Recital May 2014

Studio Party August 2014

Gift of Music October 2014

Gift of Music December 2014

Gift of Music March 2015

Studio Recital June 2015

Summer Fun August 2015

Gift of Music December 2015

Spring Recital April 2016

Studio Recital May 2016

House Concert October 2016

Gift of Music December 2016

Disney Musicals in Schools 2017

Studio Recital May 2017

Summer Fun August 2017

New Performers October 2017

Performance Opportunity Photos

Click the links on the left to see photos from our studio recitals and group classes.  The NEWER PHOTOS are toward the bottom of the list.

Many students in the studio are working on personal goals of feeling joy in the act of performing for others.  We have performance opportunities specifically designed to allow new performers to have a safe and friendly space to share their music.






"Gift of Music: Holiday Cheer" draws a big crowd.





...and we certainly remember to have fun through it all!


Thank you to Paul Ester for being our resident photographer.

"Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art."

Many of our performances are a service of community enrichment, which are in our "Gift of Music" series.  Our December event is frequently a "Gift of Music: Holiday Cheer" program where we get requests from residents months ahead of time and dedicate the song to the resident at the performance.  Here, Andi hands a card with the request song to the resident.



Students have a chance to work on more challenging pieces in the studio recital at the end of the school year.

We keep the fun going, too, with our Summer Studio Party!